You're a leading astrophysicist, and you just discovered a rift in the space-time continuum that will end the universe as we know it in one year. There is absolutely no way for humanity to avoid this fate from happening. Do you tell everyone the sad news and watch pre-apocalyptic bedlam consume the planet, or keep…

» 8/19/14 3:49pm 8/19/14 3:49pm

Mad Bum has a BABIP of .370 so far this season, so it's not at all sustainable. That being said, he's hitting the shit out of the ball when he makes contact this year and I wouldn't bet against him being one of the better hitting pitchers in the league going forward. » 8/12/14 3:57pm 8/12/14 3:57pm

Sounds like a lot of interesting changes, but I probably still won't buy it. I've come to accept that my middle age and lack of time to practice has robbed me of the fast "twitch" skills necessary to compete on games like this now. COD and Halo are basically single player games for me at this point because I am so… » 8/11/14 2:23pm 8/11/14 2:23pm

As a big fan of battlefield, this interests me. Spend $60 to buy the game, or spend $60 to play the game (and a bunch of others) for a year. If they put the new releases (like the upcoming BF game) on soon after the on-sale date, I'll probably sign up. Might as well get some free games and discounts on DLC for the… » 7/29/14 2:11pm 7/29/14 2:11pm